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Biomedical Informatics and e-Health LAB

European Connected Health Alliance

The European Connected Health Alliance delivers leadership for the development of Connected and MHealth markets and practice across Europe.
The ECHAlliance and the e-Health Lab, Politecnico di Milano (Italy) work together at a strategic level to promote Connected and MHealth initiatives.
See ECH Alliance web site.

European Federation For medical Informatics

The e-Health Lab is an Institutional Member of the European Federation For Medical Informatics.
See EFMI web site.

Medical Apps Risks and Quality

Apps for Medicine
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Opening Lecture at MIE2012

Opening Lecture at MIE2012

Tutorial at EMBC 2012

Tutorial at EMBC 2012

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The e-Health LAB Flyer

"Serving the Patients by Serving Doctors and Institutions
through Information and Communication Methods and Technologies"

The e-Health LAB Motto

"Serving the Patients by Serving Doctors and Institutions
through Information and Communication Methods and Technologies"

Core People

Francesco Pinciroli – Professor and Director (francesco.pinciroli@polimi.it )
Sara Marceglia, PhD – Assistant Professor and TTO (sara.marceglia@polimi.it) (Curriculum vitae ITA, ENG)
Stefano Bonacina, PhD – Contract Professor and Deputy Director (stefano.bonacina@polimi.it) (Curriculum vitae ITA, ENG)
Luca Mazzola, PhD – Contract Professor and Lecturer (luca.mazzola@polimi.it)
Simona Ferrante, PhD – Contract Professor and Lecturer (simona.ferrante@polimi.it)


e-Health Lab
Dipartimento di Bioingegneria - Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci,  32 - 20133 32 - 20133 Milan – ITALY
Phone: +39 02 23993303  - Fax: +39 02 23993360
email: ehealth@polimi.it  website: www.ehealth.polimi.it

The e-Health LAB Presentation - Printable Version The e-Health LAB Presentation - Printable Version


Serving the Patients by Serving Doctors and Institutions through Information and Communication Methods and Technologies has been the routing guide towards the overall academic activity of the e-Health Lab since the late 80s. The pathway went across the several radical changes occurred over the last decades within Information & Communication Technologies and Healthcare. The e-Health Lab is active in the scenario of the Department of Bioengineering that, founded about 25 years ago, is still the only Italian University department entirely focused on Bioengineering.


  • Mobile technologies for Personalized Health Informatics,
  • Health Lexicons and Ontologies for the Family environment,
  • Avatar for Health & Medicine,
  • and Data Mining for clinical applications:

these are the main ongoing research areas active at the e-Health Lab. ICT skills and knowledge available allow an approach including: environment analysis, process definition, process modeling, product design, and prototype development. Researches are developed in multidisciplinary teams: computer and communication engineers, clinicians of different fields, psychologists, and experts of economics and marketing. The e-Health Lab serves as scientific advisor on e-Health standard implementation for ICT service public providers.

Among recent achievement, the “Historia Medica Familiae Digitalis” system for the management of health-related documents in the multigenerational family environment, developed to be a leaf of a Regionalized Healthcare Information System [1]; the “Lexicon camera” basic tool for the definition of the family medical lexicon [2]; a series of ontologies for the “Ages of life”, namely the “Ontology for Geriatrics”, “Ontology for Pediatrics”, “Ontology for the Newborns”, and “Ontology for the First Aid Emergency”, representing the case of the middle age [3]. Apps for homecare and wellness will be tested soon.

The Visualization of Biomedical Images & multi-primary colors, the life-long personal health record, and the study of the impact of media tablets on medicine and healthcare are in the early stages.


The e-Health Lab manages the Healthcare-ICT (HICT) tracks in the engineering curricula -bachelor, master, and PhD- at the Politecnico di Milano technical University."Learning-by-doing" is the policy grounding the delivery of all the teaching activities.

Major products of the long lasting teaching experience are the two textbooks, one on basics and one on applications of e-Health. Published to answer a wide need of engineering education, they are still unique in conjugating user-oriented expectations and developer skills and opportunities

Educational Offer

Collaborations and Dissemination

  • The Italian Ministry of Health,

  •  the Italian Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation,

  •  from five Regional Governments,

  •  and many clinical and technological scientific societies in the field of Medicine and e-Health

are among the institutions having supported, with their patronage, the e-Health Lab in its recent activities.

The e-Health Lab has been organizing university workshops, conferences, and seminars on hot topics in e-Health every six months. They became a recognized opportunity of cooperative evaluation of recent efforts to reach a consensus vision between the ICT manufacturers and the healthcare governance.

The activity of the Lab promoted the generation of a number of cousin initiatives within the Politecnico: from the ICT in Healthcare Observatory, to the efforts of the Bio-Search Computing project, and more.  

The intense dialogue with medical associations, helping them to fill in the gap between technologies available and the daily use in clinical practice, grounded the early analysis of e-Health evolutions and the insights of the barriers against the adoption of ICTs in medicine [4,5,6].

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